Thirsty Thursday…

Probably Not the Kind of Thirsty You First Think Of…

If you visit me at my home, you will probably find me with at least two, sometimes three, drinks. I almost always have a cup of coffee (it’s probably been reheated at least once) and a large thermal tumbler of iced unsweetened tea (usually passion fruit/guava; sometimes peach). Now and then, I’ll also have a bottle or glass of water sitting around, too. On any given day, I’ll typically enjoy three to four cups of black coffee and just as many large tumblers of unsweet tea. I really never get too thirsty. 😉

However, I’ve found that the more coffee I drink…the more I want coffee. The more iced tea I drink…the more I want iced tea. The more water I drink…the more my body thirsts for the quenching coolness of water. Conversely, if I were to give in and have a Pepsi…I would inevitably want more Pepsi.

This same premise holds true in many, if not most, areas of our lives. The more television I binge watch, the more I want to binge watch more. The more books I read, the more I want to read. The more shopping I do, the more I want to shop. Some of those things aren’t horrible. Others aren’t helpful!

Recently, I’ve been longing for the closeness with God that I once savored. Have you ever had a time when you just felt like He wasn’t as close as you wanted Him to be?

It was actually a FB memory that popped up the other day that reminded me the truth in the old saying…


I realized that my feelings of distance had everything to do with how I had distanced myself from Him. I had lost the thirst for more of His Word. I had lost my hunger for belonging to a church community. I was parched because I had chosen to place myself in a desert of isolation.

Realizing that how I spend my time is how I want to spend more of my time, I set out to renew my thirst for my Savior! It’s still and will always be a work in progress on this side of eternity, but I’m moving back in the right direction. Swapping out some less edifying and less productive choices with things that help me grow closer to God and help me mature more as a Christ-follower has helped me regain a focus that had become blurred.

♥ This! ♥

Instead of ending my nights with hours of Netflix shows, I now listen to books on the Hoopla app (awesome BTW!) before I go to sleep. I’m finding it easier to trade books that are full of foul language or topics for books that are still great, but don’t fill my mind with garbage. My Spotify praise and worship playlist is getting a workout! My next swap is to start my mornings with a devotion and prayer instead of grabbing my phone to check Facebook or Instagram.

As I said, I’ve not arrived yet. There are days I want to binge watch Netflix instead of reading or studying, just like there are days I want Pepsi instead of water or unsweetened tea. But…thank God, the more time I spend reading and studying the Bible, the more thirsty I am for the Word. Yet at the same time, the more quenched I feel, too!

What are you doing to thirst more for things of God and less for things of the world? I’d love to hear from you!

Lord, give us a thirst for more of You!


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