New Month…Renewed Focus

Typically, I’m ready to set and share my monthly goals by the first of the new month. Not this month! I’ve had to take a few days to really think about and pray about what I need to focus on and work toward. August brought some changes that I didn’t expect. Good changes…but still changes. That left me wondering exactly what I should work on in September.

Overall, I met most of my mini-habit goals and about half of the challenges I had set for myself. I met (usually exceeded) my step goal of 11, 750 steps each day except for the very last day of the month. I had to laugh when I realized that! I’m perfectly okay with that! My son, Blake, and his wife were in for the long weekend, we had all the family over to celebrate Brooke’s grad school graduation, and I spent my time just visiting.

As for the other goals/challenges…

I took time most days to just sit outside and relax or at least enjoy creation through my quiet room window or front door. Intentionally working on being intentionally kind with messages of all sorts continues to be a work in progress. Do you ever get so caught up in yourself and what you need to be or do or say that you fail to think about others? Sadly, I do, but I’m working on it. Reading was a go-to activity. I finished EIGHT books! One more crochet project was completed and another one was started. I went through one box of pictures…not a great start but a start. For the majority of meals and snacks I ate on-plan THM. When I didn’t, I released the guilt and enjoyed the moment.

One of the mini-habits I set for myself to practice dealt with posting for my small Younique business each day. I did that for a couple weeks. It was during that time when I felt the need to just let the “business” side of Younique go. A friend, who just recently left teaching to stay at home with her boys, said something in one of our many conversations that jumped right out at me. “The longer I’m at home the more I realize how I like to best spend my time.” August (and continuing into this month) was a time for me to really consider how to best spend my time. I love all my Y products and will definitely continue to use them, but stepping aside from working it as a business lifted a weight I didn’t realize I was carrying. On top of that, it opened up time for me to spend on more important things for my family and myself.

Along with that, I also had tried to write a post for this blog every week day. That usually happens. I have realized and accepted it’s okay to not post every single day. I want what I share to be relevant not just a space or time filler. So letting go of the strict “post every day” goal has also been freeing!

There were some things that just didn’t happen. I did not memorize any scripture. I think shooting for two was a bit overwhelming for me. And when I’m overwhelmed, I sometimes just stop. I also did not add any extra exercise/physical activity. Doug and I have talked about rejoining the local gym, but we haven’t actually done that yet.

August was a month of learning and adjusting. I was reminded that I retired early to let go of unnecessary stress and to have time to focus on my marriage and my family. I also realized I was letting the pollution of the world seep into my mind and heart. So this month, my goals are based around spiritual and physical health.

September mini habit goals still include blogging, daily steps, reading, and kind messages. I added logging my meals for this month. (I am maintaining when I want to be losing…so I need to SEE what I’m eating to try to start moving again.) I also added listening to at least one praise and worship song each day. I NEED the life-changing message of the Gospel in my life throughout the day. It changes my mood. It changes my focus.

As for challenges, a couple stayed the same, one was tweaked, and I added a new one. Instead of memorizing two verses, I’m going to work on one. I added a cleaning schedule…daily, weekly, and monthly. If you had told me even ten years ago that I would enjoy keeping my house, I’d have laughed! But these days, it brings me a contentment like never before.

One last thing…

Added to my mini-habits goals and challenges is a daily prayer to help me think more of others than of myself…

So there you have it! My long ramblings about August’s hits and misses and September’s targets. Have you set goals for September? What are they? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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