Taking a Break

One of the things I’ve been trying to work on the last few weeks is exchanging whispers with my Lord before shouts with the world. Sadly, I’m not doing very well with that. I’ve allowed the shouts of the world to drown out the whispers I so desperately want to focus on.

I’ve become increasingly more aware of how tied to my phone I am. Checking Facebook or email or Instagram or even this blog’s stats before anything else in the morning and last thing at night has become a habit. If I wake up in the night (which I often do), I instantly grab my phone. That’s just not okay with me. I think know it impacts my mood, my choices, my interactions with the people I’m face to face with. Time to reset!

So, I’m going to take a social media break for a week or so. I’m not disappearing for good (at least that’s not my plan), just taking a break. See you in a week or so!


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