New Month…Renewed Goals

After basically taking a month off from working toward goals and developing mini-habits, sitting down and deciding on this month’s goals was not as easy as I thought it would be. As I thought about the things I want to accomplish this month, it was clear that I needed to revisit some mini-habit work from earlier in the year. That clearly told me that some of the things I thought were habits weren’t quite there yet. Other things have become habits, and now it’s time to expand those. And then there is the daunting decision of the current best way to work on my health.

On that note…can I tell you how I’m struggling to share this stuff with you? I’ve started and stopped writing several times. I don’t ever want to give you the impression that I have it all together, because I CERTAINLY DO NOT! But I also don’t want to seem like a girl who jumps from this to that on a whim, claiming to fully believe in something and then changing her mind on a dime. BUT…I feel like there has to be someone out there who is experiencing similar stuff, so maybe my writing makes the difference to that one. Good thing I had a great cup of coffee to keep me writing this morning! 😉

Let’s cover the quick things first! My “daily” tasks/mini habits for November look similar to some I’ve had in the past. I’m keeping my step goal at 12,000 steps every day. I hope I can exceed that some days, but I plan to meet it every day. I’m upping my minimum pages read each day from two to five! BIG JUMP, isn’t it? 😀 I typically read more than that, but a minimum of five is still stupid easy so a great way to increase my reading. Besides getting my steps in, I need to integrate some other workouts into my week. I’m shooting for at least three “other” workouts each week. Maybe that will be yoga or strength training or something else I can find that I enjoy.

Now to a couple of tasks that I want to explain a bit more…

Blogging…the small elephant in my room right now…let’s call him a baby elephant. When I first started blogging, I set out to write/blog every single week day. I did that for more than two months straight. It definitely had a purpose in building this little space. Then, I started to question myself concerning Simply-Cindy. What I’ve determined is that I love to write! This blog is a great way for me to do that. Plus, it’s a way for me to reach out to others. I’ve felt for a long time that God had writing as a purpose in my life. To back away completely or give it up would be going against that. I also know, however, that writing every day is nearly impossible for me in this stage of life. I help care for three of our five grand-treasures several times a week. I have a household of eight people total. Doug and I want to travel and adventure more. Knowing all that, I’ve decided to shoot for at least one blog post a week. Some weeks it may be more. But hopefully, I’ll be able to maintain at least one a week.

Now for the giant elephant in the room! Healthy food choices/diet/eating plan…whatever you want to call it these days. As you’ve probably read in previous posts, I firmly believe in the health benefits of following the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating. It is what helped me lose fifty pounds and keep it off for a couple of years. I still believe in it. The problem for me currently is that, for some unknown reason, I keep gaining weight consistently following it. Not a lot at once…1 to 2 pounds a month. But still too much for my liking. No matter how much I tried to tweak my menus for fuel cycles or stubborn losers, I still lost and gained…lost and gained…and gained.

I’m not okay with that. I don’t want to HAVE to buy new clothes. I want to GET to buy new clothes. I get that I’m getting older and weight is harder to maintain and sometimes even harder to lose. However, I also know it’s not impossible. So keeping THM principles in my mind, I decided to rejoin WW (formerly Weight Watchers…just saying that cracks me up. WW will always be Weight Watchers.) The tracking helps me. It just does. These days it’s so easy with the app to track quickly. Currently, I’m an online member. (That’s all I’ve ever done.) I have considered finding a meeting to try, but I just haven’t yet. All that to say that one of my new daily tasks is to track my food/activity DAILY.

Finally, these are some things I will work on this month. I’ve already picked back up on my reading and crocheting. I really like the cleaning list I used a couple month ago, so I’m going to try that again…at least for this month and next.

The two biggies on this list for me are to limit social media time and to just be present when with my family or friends…with people in general. I’ve really noticed lately how so many of us…including myself…have our noses in our phones when sitting in a room with people we love. That’s just not okay. It hurts my heart. I have a long way to go with this one, but I’m making progress. It’s not that our phones or even social media is bad. I love that I can keep in contact with old friends and with family that lives away from us. I love that I can connect with people who read this blog on our FB group. (You can find it here… Simply~Cindy FB Group ) It just should not be a substitute for face-to-face or voice-to-voice contact. It. Just. Shouldn’t. (If anyone has great ideas for making this happen, I’d love to hear them!)

Well! That could’ve probably been at least five separate blog posts! But there it is…my plan for November. What goals or mini-habits are you working on this month? Drop me a comment below!

Until next time…


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