Change of Plans

A couple months ago, Doug and I bought our first travel trailer/camper. Many years ago when we were first married and then when we had young children, we dabbled in some tent camping. It was fun…and a lot of work. Over the years, we’ve often teased that staying at a hotel was our idea of camping. A few months ago out of the blue we started talking about campers. Long story short…we decided to go for it! It has been fabulous, so far. Three trips in…we are hooked!

Soon after picking up our camper, we started planning a few trips to try it out before winter set in around here. We had a couple shorts adventures to the lake where we like to spend time in the summer. One of those trips we took our two oldest (three years old) grandsons. Our BIG trip was planned to the Smoky Mountains…another one of our happy places. We planned to be there for eight days. As we planned, we watched the weather charts and felt okay with all that was predicted.

The first five days were fabulous! We had so much fun getting the feel for camping more than a couple days. Exploring back roads. Cooking together. Just chilling outside by the creek or by the fire. Or just chilling inside while watching a show.

We knew colder weather was expected to move in. The closer we got to Monday and the prediction of snow and drastically dropping temperatures, the more anxious we became about our lack of knowledge related to our brand new camper and freezing temperatures. It was then that we decided it would be best to head home early. Major CHANGE OF PLANS! This happy camper became a sad camper. (BTW, I ♥ snow! Snow in the mountains is an absolute favorite! I hated missing snow in the mountains. If we had been there without the camper, we would have definitely stayed!) We both knew it was the best choice for us. We were both disappointed, too.

This morning as I hurried about throwing in laundry and beginning a grocery list, the thought of how often plans changed and how I respond to those changes lingered in my mind.

Woody Allen once said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him about your plans.” Now I don’t think God plays with our emotions or gets a kick out of changing our plans. I do, however, believe that HE knows what is best for us. HE sees the big picture. The Bible tells us that God’s ways are so much bigger and better than our ways.

What change of plans are you facing today? A diagnosis you didn’t expect and certainly didn’t ask for? A marriage that seems to be or is actually falling apart? A job change? Your child moving away or getting married or both? Our petty change of vacation plans pales in comparison to many plan changes I’ve experienced over the years. But no matter the change of plans, we have a choice to respond with trust or doubt. As hard as it can be, responding with trust is where your stress meets the peace of God that is beyond our human comprehension. His purpose will prevail over our best made plans…every.single.time.

This morning as I’m enjoying the snow covered yard out my window, I’m praying each of us can lean in to God’s plans for us…even when…maybe especially when…those plans look different than what we pictured.


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