Because He Lives!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve let the chaos of the last weeks get the best of me. Anxiety. Migraines. Crying spells. Wanting to just scream. This morning, I came across a church service being streamed and the worship team was singing this song, Because He lives!

Dear Lord, Turn Our Fear into Faith!

Again, broken and yet strengthened, I was reminded that Because Jesus LIVES we CAN face tomorrow and all that it holds. Life if worth living because He lives!

It took me back to when I was a young child and spent much of my time at Mom and Pap’s house. Mom, if you weren’t blessed to know her, was the most amazing woman you would ever meet. She suffered daily with RA. Horrible pain. Many hospitalizations. Lived through the loss of a son and the loss of Pap (who took care of her in the most sacrificial caring ways possible.)

Funny thing is…even though I was with her ALL THE TIME, I can’t recall even ONE time that she complained or acted worried or anxious because of what she dealt with regularly.
Do you know what I do recall? Her singing Because He Lives in her kitchen while she cooked supper for her family or made us chocolate chip cookies and outside breaking beans and in the church pews at Beech Grove Baptist.

So as we go through these next weeks or months of not knowing all that is to come, may we cling to Jesus! Knowing that one day, for those in Christ, death will give way to victory! We’ll see the lights of Glory and know He Lives! And living with the assurance that because He lives, we can face today, tomorrow, and the days ahead of us!



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