It has been several months since I sat down to write. Well actually…it’s been several months since anything came from me sitting down to write. Many times, I’ve found myself at the computer, looking at a blank screen, and wondering what in the world I have to say that others may want to read. But here I am…ready (I hope!) to reset, renew, and restart.

Resetting for me means taking a look at what I have here on Simply Cindy and determining if I need to set it up differently or go a new direction or keep things as they are. If you were to look back at my very first post (well second…the first was just an I am here post), you’d see I started this blog to reignite my love of writing, and in the process hopefully encourage someone who took the time to read it. That is still my hope, so I think I’ll just pick up and keep going. Content will vary like it has in the past. I recently polled a small FB group about what they’d like to see on here: Bible study, devotionals, health/beauty/weight loss tips and ideas, parenting/grand-parenting stories. Now that hubby and I are regular to the camping scene, it may include some of our adventures.

Renewing and restarting go hand in hand for me and Simply Cindy. Kind of like freshening up the place! Here I am, dusting off the cobwebs, ready to press the restart button. I still don’t know if what I have to say is blog-worthy. And really, it’s okay if it’s not. My goal is still to pick back up something I enjoy and maybe give you and others who read it something to think about or smile about. My prayer in this restart is that God would use me to point others to Him.

Welcome back! I’m glad you are here!


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