Time with God…Setting the Tone for My Day

Long time, no see. 😬 It has been too long! But here I am, working to put writing back into my routine!

I just started a study called Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be by Donna Partow. It’s a 90 day look at all areas of our lives and uses the Proverbs 31 woman as a sort of guide.

The Bible tells us Jesus got up early and went out by Himself to pray. It also tells us the Proverbs 31 woman got up while it was still dark. (Now I fully support you having Bible and prayer time any time of the day that works for you. So don’t misread what I’m saying.) There is just something about a first thing in the morning quiet time. For me, it sets up my whole day. When I begin with my focus on what He has to tell me through the Bible, my mind is primed to face what the day brings. This study affirms that for me.

Another thing that was suggested is setting up a dedicated place for your morning time with God. If possible, make it a place where spending time with God is the only thing you do there. It could be a room, a closet, a corner…whatever works for you. Get everything in the spot, ready to use. Make it inviting! Cozy! An oasis of sorts right in your home.

Those that know me personally know when our kids moved out of the house, I claimed a bedroom as a quiet room. We painted it a soothing aqua color. I added scripture and things to remind me of our family. It was an oasis, an escape of sorts.

Original quiet room

It gradually became the multipurpose room (even though I still call it the quiet room). I was using it for Bible study, storage, exercising, crafting, spare bedroom, grandkids’ overflow of stuff. Then recently, I started a new business and added office to that room’s description. (No pics of the mess it had become!)

After reading about creating a DEDICATED space, I decided to do some rearranging. I made the quiet room my office/exercise area/spare bedroom. Now, my quiet oasis is in the corner of our bedroom.

Office area

It’s a cozy, inviting area just for spending time studying and praying. I hope it becomes a place of resting in the Lord. A place to recommit to starting my days with Him. My prayer corner.

Quiet Corner

When do you make time for your study and prayer? Where do you find works best for your time alone with God? I’d love to see your study areas!


~Simply Cindy~

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