Swing Wide the Gates…

Some of you may not know that I grew up steeped in Southern Gospel music. Daddy led the music and Mama played the piano at Beech Grove Baptist Church many years of my childhood. He played the guitar and sang all the time. From early in life, he had Becky and me singing right along … Continue reading Swing Wide the Gates…

My Simplified Plans

As you read in my last post, I started my fiftieth year and a month ahead of the beginning of 2020 with LOTS of BIG COMPLICATED plans! After that post, I became quite intentional about what of those plans worked and what didn't. Some I kept. Some I tweaked. Some I let go. So where … Continue reading My Simplified Plans

My Fiftieth Year…coming soon 49 years old!

The end of a decade. The beginning of a new decade. I will celebrate my 49th birthday this month, which means this is my FIFTIETH YEAR! That's overwhelming, underwhelming, exciting, and maybe a bit unnerving all at the same time. I've found myself looking back and looking forward over the last few weeks. When I … Continue reading My Fiftieth Year…coming soon 49 years old!

“Guest Post” from my 2011 Self…thoughts on Christmas!

Below is a post I wrote in 2011. Eight years seems like such a short time ago and yet a long time ago, too. These same types of thoughts have been on my mind recently, but from a different perspective. Those thoughts will make their way to a post soon. For now, I pray someone … Continue reading “Guest Post” from my 2011 Self…thoughts on Christmas!

When I Don’t Know What to Say…

I really hadn't planned to take such a long break from writing regularly when I started this move to reduce my digital consumption. My initial thoughts were to give myself a week or two to kind of digitally detox. What I've found is that I slip far too quickly back into old habits. In order … Continue reading When I Don’t Know What to Say…

Celebration Laced with Sadness

Yesterday, my amazing daughter graduated with her Masters Degree in School Guidance Counseling from a Christian university in our state. It was an exciting day! She's worked hard to get to this point in her life. She has found her calling and is excited for how she will be able to serve students and families … Continue reading Celebration Laced with Sadness

“Mom”-ing with Newly “Adult”-ed Children

As I have scrolled through FaceBook and Instagram over the last couple of weeks, the theme among many of my friends' posts is college, specifically sending their children off to college. For some, it's the first time. For others, it's either the first time with the next child or a new year for kids who … Continue reading “Mom”-ing with Newly “Adult”-ed Children