Facing My Fears

Sometimes the things that grip me with fear surprise me. Like, seriously! I can find the craziest of things to worry over or stress about at any given moment. What if a sinkhole opens up under our house? Kentucky has some pretty crazy sinkhole stories.What if a crazed lunatic follows me home from the grocery?What … Continue reading Facing My Fears

Hard Truths…Ridiculous Grace

There is a song called "Known" by Tauren Wells playing on Christian radio. It's not new; I've heard it many times before. (Seriously...look it up! Great song!) However, lately I haven't been in my car much to have the radio on, so I haven't heard it recently. Anyway, I woke up Sunday morning with this … Continue reading Hard Truths…Ridiculous Grace

Going Outside…Finding Rest in Creation

As I was pondering what mini-habits to work on this month, I sat looking out the window at my desk. Not long ago, I moved the desk from the corner of the room to its current position...directly in front of the window. I wanted to be able to see outside while I studied or wrote. … Continue reading Going Outside…Finding Rest in Creation

August…New Month…New Challenges

For some reason I found it difficult to set goals and mini-habits actions for myself for this month. It would have been easy to just keep the same ones from the last few months. However, I would consider several of them as habits now so keeping them pretty much defeats the purpose of my work … Continue reading August…New Month…New Challenges