New Month…Renewed Goals

After basically taking a month off from working toward goals and developing mini-habits, sitting down and deciding on this month's goals was not as easy as I thought it would be. As I thought about the things I want to accomplish this month, it was clear that I needed to revisit some mini-habit work from … Continue reading New Month…Renewed Goals

New Month…Renewed Focus

Typically, I'm ready to set and share my monthly goals by the first of the new month. Not this month! I've had to take a few days to really think about and pray about what I need to focus on and work toward. August brought some changes that I didn't expect. Good changes...but still changes. … Continue reading New Month…Renewed Focus

August…New Month…New Challenges

For some reason I found it difficult to set goals and mini-habits actions for myself for this month. It would have been easy to just keep the same ones from the last few months. However, I would consider several of them as habits now so keeping them pretty much defeats the purpose of my work … Continue reading August…New Month…New Challenges