Worn Paths

It’s funny where God teaches the lessons of life. For me, those lessons often come when I least expect it. ONE of this past week’s lessons came while on a long, hard walk.

We spent the last week and a half camping at our favorite lake. During the summer months, we are able to stay at a campground that’s just up the road from the place we keep our boat. Just one day into our trip, we had been out on the boat all morning. He was fishing. I was reading. Just before lunchtime, Doug set up to get the mess of fish cleaned. I didn’t want to wait at the marina, so I decided I’d walk back to the campground to get some sweaty steps in and get lunch started.

One to two miles. That should be nothing! I typically get around 15,000 steps a day. Yes, it was a hot and humid day, but sweating is good for me, right?!

Anyway, I started the trek. Though hot, it was a gorgeous day! As I took in the lake view, the beautiful old trees shading most of the road, and the slight breeze now and then, I put one foot in front of the other and felt like I was making decent time.

Just a bit up the road…and I do mean up since it’s quite the hilly road…my yoga mat soled flip-flop clad feet started to burn. I hadn’t taken into consideration that walking two miles in black-soled flip-flops might not be a good idea. The burning got so awful that I decided to take the sandals off and just walk barefoot.

As long as I was in the shade and on the old, worn pavement my feet didn’t hurt. The going was easier. But every now and then, there were asphalt patches that were newer. These sections weren’t worn. They were rough. I had to walk carefully. This new pavement brought some of that pain out in my blistering feet.

It was then I started thinking about life…my life. It hit me that the old, worn paths of my life are comfortable…easy even. The newer or even patched up areas of my life sometimes are uncomfortable, even painful.

Here’s the thing…

I couldn’t get to the campground without walking on the worn sections and the new sections. I had to go over both to get to where I was going.

The same is true in life! We have to use the comfortable sections to make progress toward where we are headed, BUT we have to traverse some new, uncomfortable sections in the process, too. To reach a new goal, to learn something new, to change our mindsets, to grow in Christ…it all takes doing more than the same old same old.

Today and each day, we need to strive to work through the rough new patches and enjoy the worn paths to get to where we’re headed!

Of course, there is also the obvious lesson in all this…




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